About Us


To provide the necessary facilities for the people who are with low income and in lack of houses in the Western Province to live in a satisfactory, self owned house.


To provide grants for the people who are with low income to build a suitable house and to modify the existing house and give a comfort to the people in the province by implementing provisions of the No 07 of 1972 Rent Act.


  • To solve the problems evolving with the house owners and tenants Rent boards maintaining in the province according to law of housing rents.
  • To protect the tenants who leave the properties under given permission to destroy the old buildings in order to redevelop according to 16a sentence in the law of housing rents and to make necessary arrangements for them under provisions of the law of housing rents to receive the compensation from the owners.
  • To receive compensation for the investigations and court cases for expelling renters and to monitor according to the law.
  • To provide financial assistance for low income people according to the statute relevant to provincial housing development fund and to follow up.
  • To give material assistance for the low income people under the Provincial Development Grants/Provincial Specific Development Grant.

Former Commissioners

Mrs. G.Lekha Geethangali Perera

Mrs. P.H.Colombage

Mrs. A.K.Nandani H.Fernando

Mr. M.M.C.K.K.Mannapperuma