Public Services provide by the Department

Service Documents to be presented The Procedure of presenting
1.To give permission to redevelop buildings old more than 40 years given for tenant for rent, used to live or for business purpose under the 18 a sentence of No 07 of 1972 Rent Act. 1. Deed/ground plan to certify the ownership of the relevant property
2. Documents to prove the relevant building is old more than 40 years.
3. Documents to prove the finance provisions are with the applicant to build the new building.
4. Approved plan of the building about the redevelopment procedure, expenditure estimate and quantity estimate
It is to complete the relevant application and give it to the Housing Department.
2. To receive cash deposits relevant to court case to expel the renter from a place where monthly fixed rental is more than Rs. 100/= and less than Rs. 100/= under the 22(1) and 22(2) sentences of No 07 of 1972 law of housing rents. The document deciding the monthly fixed rental. It is to complete the relevant application and give it to the Housing Department.
3. To solve the problems evolving between owners and tenants of the region. To receive an application from the relevant board of housing rents and
Cash receipt ordered by the board of housing rents.
Completed application should be given to the relevant Rent Act.
4. To receive housing grants covering three districts in the Western Province: Colombo, Gampaha, Kalutara It should be given a requesting letter first to receive housing grants..
For the application given after considering qualifications the following documents should be presented.
1. A copy of deed to prove the ownership of the land.
2. If live in a land not self owned, a permission letter given by the land owner to build a house.
3. If land is owned by the deceased father or mother and if there are more than one child, the person who is going to build the house should receive a document that there is no objection from the other siblings to build the house.
4. Expenditure estimate
The completed application should be given to the Department of Housing Commission or sent by post with the certification of Grama Sewa Niladhari and Regional Secretary.